Kick Scooter Twenty Go Classic Green

Un patinete para adultos bonito y con grandes prestaciones. Sus puños vintage marcarán la diferencia y con sus grandes ruedas y rodamientos ABEC 9 serás inalcanzable.


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Data sheet

  • Handlebar: Adjustable in height from 2,7 to 3,4 foots
  • Wheel size: 9 inches front wheel and 7 inches rear
  • Bearings: ABEC 9
  • Measures deployed: 3 x 3,6 foots
  • Measurements of Twenty Go Classic folded: 37 x 88 x 17 cm
  • Measures of the table: 22 x 5,9 inches
  • Wheel material: PU
  • Cushioning: Front cushioning
  • Kickstand: Yes
  • Brake: Pressure rear
  • Folding system: Yes
  • Certificates: ISO9001 and EN14619
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty except for wearing parts.

Discover the Twenty Go Classic adult scooter


A featherweight with its 10,69 pounds

Easy to transport when folded (equivalent to a mesh of oranges).

Fast, with so little weight and ABEC 9 bearings, increasing speed will be easy.


You will use this scooter and you know it

Easy folding system

Fold your scooter quickly and easily. Pull the button up and you’re done.

Kickstand included

It will allow you to leave your skate still with a single gesture.

Great platform

Your feet will thank you. The most comfortable position is assured.


Hold up to 220 pounds

Thanks to the 3,44 foots handlebar and its materials, the Kick Scooter Classic adapts to any size.

Up to 220 pounds in weight and 6,23 foots in height.

An adult scooter designed for adults.


Calm down, it´s a Twenty Go

The front cushioning, the large and compact wheels, the Abec9 bearings and their resistance make the Classic scooter a safe mean of transport.

In addition, it complies with:

European standard for scooters EN14619

Security requirements and testing methods.

Standards of quality management systems ISO9001

Control of performance improvement and customer service.


A contemporary design with retro look

It has class and is different from the classic scooter models.

A way to differentiate yourself

What’s your color?

Twenty Go Classic in YouTube

Twenty Go Classic Unboxing

Do you have any questions about how to use your Twenty Go Classic?

We recommend that you watch this video.


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