Frequently asked questions

How can I pay for my order?

At Twenty Go we have several payment options. You can pay for your order with:

  • PayPal: It is a convenient, fast and safe method with which you can make your purchase by credit card even if you do not have an account.
  • Bank transfer or deposit at the Santander Bank in account ES94 0049 0818 30 2810366707.

When will my order arrive?

Once confirmed the purchase (paid) it takes between 24 and 48 working hours to deliver it to the courier service.

When we have delivered your package to the carrier we will send you an email with the tracking number, so it is important that you register so you can receive this email. You can check at any time the status of your order on the carrier’s website by entering your tracking number. If you have not received it by email, you will have it in your clients section of our website if you have registered prior to the purchase.

All our shipments are certified, with tracking number and include insurance.

The delivery time corresponds to the days that elapses since the completion of the order process until the customer receives it. Which means that once you have paid for your order, it will go into preparation and once it is sent you will have it in your house or office within the term of the shipment you have selected.

The orders are prepared in 24 or 48 hours, after which they are sent in parcel service except force majeure (for reasons beyond our competence). In total, from when you place an order until it reaches your home, it can take approximately 1-7 working days to arrive (Saturdays, Sundays and / or holidays are not delivered or collected).

Twenty Go will not be held responsible for possible delivery delays caused by the courier service.

Incorrect addresses

If the delivery address is not correctly completed by the customer, the orders sent will be returned automatically and Twenty Go is NOT responsible for the cost of the second shipment. Check that your delivery address is as complete and accurate as possible.

By confirming the TERMS OF PURCHASE the customer agrees to pay second freight in cases of returns for incomplete addresses, not completed by the same and for shipments not claimed in time. Twenty Go can not be held responsible if it can not send the requested order due to circumstances beyond its control, including delays by our suppliers, fires, floods, strikes, electrical problems, etc.In the final price of the product accepted by the user at the conclusion of the purchase process, delivery to the designated address is included. It includes, specifically, two attempts to deliver at the user’s home, being on account of this the costs arising from the impossibility of making such delivery in two attempts, in which Twenty Go has no participation whatsoever; so that the user will be responsible for receiving, on his account, the products purchased.

After the second delivery attempt, the purchased products will remain in deposit for 5 days in the delegation of the transport company. If during the aforementioned period of 5 days the products have not been withdrawn, they will be returned to the central office in Madrid, in such a way that the new shipment of the products will have to be paid, previously, by the user.

What should I do if a defective or incorrect item arrives?

If exceptionally you get a product by mistake write us to sending us some pictures of the product and indicating the order number. If, on the contrary, the item is broken or defective, write us immediately (within 24 hours after the order has been received) to It is important that you write us within this period to be able to open an incident with the transport company in case the damage has occurred while your order was transported, once the first 24 hours are over we can not open the incident. Do not make any refund without first contacting us.

What guarantee do Twenty Go products have?

Twenty Go offers a one year warranty that starts from the moment of delivery on most of its products.  Keep in mind that a misuse of the product leads to the loss of the guarantee.

Proof of purchase is the guarantee, please save it. This warranty covers manufacturing faults and materials that may appear when the products have been used according to the instructions for use. The warranty does not cover damage to the product as a result of misuse, lack of care or modifications.

The fact of claiming the guarantee of a product to Twenty Go does not mean that it is covered automatically. In final instance the manufacturer / supplier will make the decision of whether the product is covered by the guarantee or not. For this, it may be necessary for the product to be sent to the supplier. If it is considered that it does not enter into guarantee, you will receive the justification of the reason.

Once you receive the justification, you can decide if you want to assume the costs of the repair or that you return the product without the incident resolved.

Note: The client must assume the transport costs (shipping / collection costs). If the product is covered by the guarantee, Twenty Go will assume the transport costs.

In the event that the product is covered by the warranty, repair or replacement thereof , does not start a new warranty period of 1 year.

In case of receiving any damaged product during transport, the customer has a period of 24 hours to claim from the reception of the shipment of the order. You must send by email to, photographs in which material damage is clearly identified, photographs of the packaging where the “damage / shock / breakage” can clearly be seen and a photograph of the carrier’s label (essential) in the one that identifies all the data.

Particularities of the withdrawal of purchase

  • If the customer wishes to desist from his purchase and has not been delivered to the carrier, the refund of the amount paid will be made within 20 working days after receiving the email confirming the withdrawal of the same. The refund will be made, whenever possible, by the same payment method used in the purchase.
  • If the customer wishes to desist from a merchandise that has already been delivered to the carrier, the customer must pay the shipping costs of both the return and the return of the product, even though they have not received it yet at home. The refund will be made within 20 business days after receiving the returned product in the warehouse. The refund will be made, whenever possible, by the same payment method used in the purchase.
  • If the client wishes to desist from a merchandise that he has already received, he will have to pay all the shipping costs and the costs of the return. The refund will be made within 20 business days after receiving the returned product in the warehouse. The refund will be made, whenever possible, by the same payment method used in the purchase.

Cases of cancellation of the guarantee

  • No refunds will be accepted for warranty on damaged items and / or product malfunction due to misuse of them.
  • When the indicated defects are due to an abnormal or inappropriate use; wear or normal aging; an accidental event or, more generally, an external cause.
  • When the product shows clear signs of a use that exceeds the capabilities of the same, as well as obvious abuse in the form of blows, or deterioration caused by liquids or corrosive substances, as well as any other anomaly attributable to the consumer.
  • Returns of products from OUTLET or products with slight damages are not accepted, previous agreement of the client
  • Some products for their naturalization have guarantee seals. Its handling or removal voids the warranty.

How can I contact customer service?