20 years riding on scooters have given us a lot to think about

2018 was our year.

The year in which we finally gave birth to a dream of three young entrepreneurs where we put two things together:

  • The love for scooters.
  • The passion for sustainable mobility.

Proud to be a 100% Spanish brand like good ham

Twenty Go is already a reality, the 100% Spanish brand of adult scooters that we would have liked to find in the market.

The years have given us gray hair and many changes, but 20 years of experience on scooters have made us curious.

We have traveled the world looking for:

“The perfect adult scooter”
and …

As we did not find it, we decided to create it.

That’s how Twenty Go was born.

The effort to create an adult scooter for adults.

The idea

“Because the great drivers deserve a scooters that suits them”

The pleasure of carrying a scooter is non-negotiable. We do not want any scooter, we want the scooter to be part of the person who takes it.

Adapt the driving to the pilot, with all its functionalities and for an adult audience.

With that premise we have designed the first Twenty Go scooter, the Classic model.

Since it did not exist, we had to invent it.

Temporal thread

1998- 2018 Driving Scooters

2014-2016 Looking for custom scooters

2017 Design of the perfect scooter for adults.

2018 Creation of the Twenty Go brand

2018 Award for the best Startup by the UPV (Polytechnic University of Valencia)

2018 Launch of the first Twenty Go scooter. The Classic model

To be continued..