Shipment tracking

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Shipping costs

Prices per unit, taxes included.


Península Balearics
Accessories and spare parts 3,95€ 10,95€
Kids scooters 3,95€ 21,95€
Adult scooters 3,95€ 34,95€
Free shipping from 79€ for peninsula. From 120€ for Balearic Islands.


Accessories and spare parts 4,95€
Kids scooters 4,95€
Adult scooters 4,95€
Free shipping from 120€

Germany, France

Accessories and spare parts 6,95€
Kids scooters 6,95€
Adult scooters 6,95€
Free shipping from 120€

Austria, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands

Accessories and spare parts 29,05€
Kids scooters 37,50€
Adult scooters 42,30€
Free shipping from 300€

Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia

Accessories and spare parts 15,95€
Kids scooters 20,95€
Adult scooters 21,95€
Free shipping from 199€

Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Sweden

Accessories and spare parts 29,95€
Kids scooters 35,95€
Adult scooters 36,95€
Free shipping from 199€

Switzerland, Liechtenstein

Accessories and spare parts 41,95€
Kids scooters 42,95€
Adult scooters 42,95€
Free shipping from 199€

Cyprus, Malta

Accessories and spare parts 39,95€
Kids scooters 59,95€
Adult scooters 77,95€

San Marino, Vatican City

Accessories and spare parts 39,95€
Kids scooters 40,95€
Adult scooters 41,95€


Accessories and spare parts 34,95€
Kids scooters 35,95€
Adult scooters 36,95€

Norway, Serbia

Accessories and spare parts 55,95€
Kids scooters 55,95€
Adult scooters 56,95€

Terms of delivery

All our shipments are made through a transport agency, with a tracking number and include insurance.

The delivery time corresponds to the days that we need to prepare the order until the customer receives it. This means that once you have paid for your order, it will be prepared and once it is sent you will have it in your case or office within the delivery time you have selected (regular or express).

Twenty Go will not be responsible for any delays in delivery caused by the courier service.