Twenty Go basket


To give personality to your scooter and transport your gadgets and objects. Essential for your day to day.

This wicker basket for scooters or bicycles becomes the indispensable complement to transport small objects and make driving easy.

  • Ideal measurements: 10x8x7 inches.
  • Light weight: 0,9 pounds.
  • Classic material: wicker and leathers that imitate the skin.
  • Design: retro to give it a special touch.



A wicker basket that allows you to drive as if you did not have it.

Its 1,1 pounds makes it go unnoticed. Of course, do not let its weight deceive you. It is light and resistant.

You can use it even to transport a small purchase, your backpack or fanny pack. Whatever you need.

It is very useful, you will not notice that you carry it. Driving with your wicker basket will be a breeze.


Simple anchoring You will mount your basket without realizing

The method of anchoring the wicker basket is so simple that you will only worry about putting your gadgets: bind and unleash whenever you want.

Do you want to take the basket with you today? Do you prefer to leave it at home because you will not use it? As you like.

To take an example, it takes longer to brush your teeth than to place your basket on your bike or scooter.


Quality material for a driving of 10.

The wicker baskets for your scooter are made with wicker as the main material. A resistant element to carry any object you want to transport.

In addition, the straps fasten to the imitation leather handlebar. A very elegant detail that you will love to show off your scooter and basket.


A classic cut design that you will love

Vintage is fashionable, you can show off with your wicker basket. The straps will give more color to your scooter.

It is also a distinctive element that will give a personal touch to your scooter.

Why will you like it?

A breakthrough design that you’ll love

Receive your new wicker basket and assemble it in your vehicle.

You just want to start moving to go stuffing things. You will not be able to stop.

Carry everything you want

A very simple wicker basket. Be surprised by its lightness and take your accessories from day to day.

Drive as Vin Diesel

Zero problems in your driving. You will forget that you are carrying a wicker basket on your scooter. Remember to take what you put in.

Easy, as if you did it all your life

The simplest straps you have tied in your life, we assure you. If you want to take them with you it`s ok, if not, leave it at home … resting.

Fall in love with its design

A retro touch for a modern scooter. The combination that will make you the envy of other drivers.


Which color combines best?

Vanilla, mint or pink: Wicker matches with everything.


The first thing that struck me was the design of the basket. I love that it weighs little because that way it does not make driving difficult. Come on, it does not even show.
I usually use it to carry a book and some small things.

David R.

Very happy with a purchase I did not trust, honestly. I gave it to my brother and he is delighted. He usually goes with fanny pack or small backpack and carries them in the wicker basket.
In addition, the retro touch is to die for.

Victoria R.

Simplicity is the word that defines this wicker basket. I found it very easy to anchor, just tying the straps well can carry anything … that fits.
For this reason I do not give it five stars. A design level and easy to assemble is perfect. Personally I think it’s small.

Carla P.