Shipment tracking

Once we have processed your order we will send you an email (check in SPAM) confirming the shipment.

For orders outside the Peninsula, please contact customer service to receive information on the status of the shipment.

Shipping costs

  • Shipments to Peninsular Spain from: € 7
  • Shipping to the Balearic Islands: from € 10
  • Shipping to the Canary Islands: from € 12.00 (includes DUA export).
  • Shipments to Ceuta and Melilla: from € 12.00
  • Shipments to Portugal Peninsula: € 10
  • Shipping to the rest of the world: from € 15

We have established a flat rate for domestic shipments to Peninsula of € 7. No matter how many products you add to your shopping cart, this amount will not change. For orders over € 90 your shipment will be free.

Specific conditions for the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: These territories are not part of the customs territory of the EU, so that shipments may be subject to taxes and / or customs duties. Shipping costs include shipping and DUA Export. Upon delivery of the product, the recipient must pay the Import DUA and the IGIC.

Shipment conditions

All our shipments are made by a transport agency, with tracking number and includes insurance.

The delivery time corresponds to the days that elapses since the completion of the order process until the customer receives it. Which means that once you have paid for your order, it will go into preparation and once it is sent you will have it in your house or office within the term of the shipment you have selected (regular or express).

National orders (Peninsula and Balearic Islands): they are prepared in 24 or 48 hours (except for personalized items), after which they are sent in parcel service unless force majeure (for reasons beyond our competence or that are custom orders). In total, from when you place an order until it reaches your home, it can take approximately 1-7 working days to arrive (We do not deliver or collect on Saturdays, Sundays and / or holidays).

International orders / Canary Islands / Ceuta and Melilla: they are prepared in 24 or 48 hours (except for personalized ones), after which they are sent in parcel service (Correos Certificate for the case of the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) except force majeure (for reasons beyond the control of our competition). In total, since you place an order until it arrives at your house, it can take approximately 1-20 working days to arrive (Saturdays, Sundays and / or holidays are not delivered or collected).

Twenty Go will not be held responsible for possible delivery delays caused by the courier service.

Incorrect addresses

If the delivery address is not correctly completed by the customer, the orders sent will be returned automatically and Twenty Go is NOT responsible for the cost of the second shipment. Check that your delivery address is as complete and accurate as possible.

By confirming the TERMS OF PURCHASE the customer agrees to pay second freight in cases of returns for incomplete addresses, not completed by the same and for shipments not claimed in time. Twenty Go can not be held responsible if it can not send the requested order due to circumstances beyond its control, including delays by our suppliers, fires, floods, strikes, electrical problems, etc.

In the final price of the product accepted by the user at the conclusion of the purchase process, delivery to the designated address is included. It includes, specifically, two attempts to deliver at the user’s home, being on account of this the costs arising from the impossibility of making such delivery in two attempts, in which Twenty Go has no participation whatsoever; so that the user will be responsible for receiving, on his account, the products purchased.

After the second delivery attempt, the purchased products will remain in deposit for 5 days in the delegation of the transport company. If during the aforementioned period of 5 days the products have not been withdrawn, they will be returned to the central office in Madrid, in such a way that the new shipment of the products will have to be paid, previously, by the user.