Kick scooter Twenty Go Classic


Because great drivers deserve a scooter that suits them

The classic model surprises for its endurance, design and speed

  • Lightweight: 10,69 pounds
  • Size adapted to an adult: Designed for an adult. 3,44 foots handlebar
  • Speed: Fast thanks to ABEC 9 bearings
  • Security: Certificates ISO9001 and EN14619
  • Comfort: Front cushioning that absorves vibrations
  • Cool design: Modern with a retro air



A featherweight with its 10,69 pounds

Easy to transport when folded (equivalent to a mesh of oranges).
Fast, with so little weight and ABEC 9 bearings, increasing speed will be easy


You will use this scooter and you know it

Easy folding system

Fold your scooter quickly and easily. Pull the button up and you’re done.

Kickstand included

It will allow you to leave your skate still with a single gesture.

Great platform

Your feet will thank you. The most comfortable position is assured.


Hold up to 220 pounds

Thanks to the 3,44 foots handlebar and its materials, the Kick Scooter Classic adapts to any size.

Up to 220 pounds in weight and 6,23 foots in height.

An adult scooter designed for adults.


Calm down, it´s a Twenty Go

The front cushioning, the large and compact wheels, the Abec9 bearings and their resistance make the Classic scooter a safe mean of transport.

In addition, it complies with:

European standard for scooters EN14619

Security requirements and testing methods.

Standards of quality management systems ISO9001

Control of performance improvement and customer service


A contemporary design with retro air

It has class and is different from the classic scooter models.

A way to differentiate yourself

What’s your color?

Special editions

Basket edition

Maximun capacity and all Twenty Go design

And if you want more customization, discover all our accessories


  • Measures deployed: 3 x 3,6 foots
  • Measurements of Twenty Go Classic folded: 1,1 x 2,8 foots
  • Measures of the table: 22 x 5,9 inches
  • Handlebar: Adjustable in height from 2,7 to 3,4 foots
  • Wheel size: 9 inches front wheel and 7 inches rear
  • Wheel material: PU
  • Bearings: Abec 9
  • Cushioning: Front cushioning
  • Kickstand: Yes
  • Brake: Pressure rear
  • Folding system: Yes
  • Available colors: Vanilla, mint and pink.
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty except for wearing parts.
  • Additional complements: Wicker basket or luxe bag.
  • Certificates: ISO9001 and EN14619


Passion for your new scooter

From the moment you receive the box and feel that characteristic “new” smell you will not be able to separate yourself from your Twenty Go Classic.

In addition to the “butterflies in the stomach” and the desire to take it out for a walk you will also have the following symptoms.

I go flying, i come flying

Avoid feeling tired or fatigue in certain muscles such as those in the back.

The cushioning of the handlebar, materials and wheels absorb vibrations that will not pass to your back.

Zero dramas

A scooter for adults at the height of the circumstances. Thanks to the size of your handlebar (4,1 foots) you will not have to bend or go in impossible positions.

You can fold it in a matter of seconds and transport it easily.

The wind in your hair (or in your skin)

Just a few strides to start up on your scooter and feel the speed.

The reduced weight, its ABEC 9 bearings and its 9 inches and 7 inches wheels will help you pick up speed without problems.

You want to show off your scooter

You will feel like all eyes are on your scooter. Its retro design is original and surprising.

A different scooter for someone like you.


I bought it for the design and then I discovered that besides their appearance it’s great to drive.
I use it to take my son to school and I travel about two and a half kilometers a day. I have not had any problems.

I have the mint color model and I am very happy with the purchase.

Laura G.

I’ve been using the kick scooter classic from home to work for about 3 months and it works really well for me. I live in an area with many uncomfortable sidewalks and I can stand the rhythm, as well as not feel vibrations when driving. Big wheels are good for this.
What I like the most is the resistance of the scooter, which supports the trot I give him. That and the cool design that does not look like other similar scooters.
I am happy to have bought this model of Scooter that makes my trips fast and simple. Besides that holds the rod that I put.

Israel R.

A great scooter for adults. I measure 6.2 foots and the high handlebar goes perfectly for my size. It is comfortable and large wheels help when traveling on sidewalks with large cracks. The only reason why I do not give a five is because in the table I just did not go 100% comfortable with both feet.

Toñi P.

My children have scooters and I always accompanied them with my bike, but I preferred to have something to go to their level. I tried other scooters that were flimsy and made all kinds of noises when I rode.
The price of Twenty Go seemed affordable to me and my first impressions were very pleasant. Hold my weight and height, and I’m a big guy, weighing 238 pounds and measuring 6,3 foots. At the moment the scooter holds up well and allows me to keep up with my children.
Totally worth it.

Conrado C.